Cheelaar 2

Light Armed Aircraft Reconnaissance [LAAR] : Air-To-Ground Attack Solution


  • A modern airplane, fit for Close Air Support and Close Combat Attack 
  • An extra light weight release unit
  • The only Induction Rocket System available on the market
  • The Scorpion® Helmet Mounted Cueing System


Cheelaar 3


  • Fixed pitch propeller: Twin-bladed plane MT Propeller without potential
  • Potential: 1.600 hours
  • LYCOMING: AEIO-360-B2F, 180 hp
  • Consumption 33 – 50 L
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight: 560 kg
  • Maximal mass in the take-off: 816 kg
  • Capacity of fuel: 150 L
  • VNE: 180 kt
  • VNO-VA: 148 kt
  • Roll-rate: 150 / sec
  • Normal and inverted stall speed : 67 kts
  • Vertical speed (VZ): 1.400 ft/min
  • Rapid cruise speed: 160 kt
  • Endurance: 3 H 30’
  • Take-off, passage of the 15 meters: 430 m
  • Rolling at the landing: 330 m



  • 14 inches rack
  • Light weight: 2.3 kg
  • Capability of stores with a diameter up to 508 mm and a weight up to 150 kg
  • BDU-33 with existing adaptors



  • 2 induction rockets
  • Unladen mass: 9 KG
  • Multi darts: 24 KG
  • Maximum mass: 27 KG


  • Destruction / Neutralization of sensitive elements
  • Mixing possible with MD rockets
  • Destruction / Neutralization of elements entrenched behind an obstacle (‘Airburst’ mode)
  • Destruction / Neutralization of small infrastructure or vehicule in point detonating mode
  • Mixing possible with MD rockets
  • Weight: 7,5 to 8,8 kg
  • Range: < 500 m > 5.000 m

SCORPION® Helmet Mounted Cueing System

The Scorpion HMCS provides full-color, dynamic flight and mission data, projected directly and safely into the aircrew’s line of sight via a large field-of-view, fully transparent, rugged, optical waveguide assembly. This capability allows the user to remain head-up and eyes-out of the cockpit with greatly enhanced real-time Situational Awareness (SA). The added dimension of full-color symbology and video imagery dramatically increases the user’s ability to rapidly interpret and correlate vital SA information, resulting in lower task saturation and increased efficiency.

  • Precise head-steered weapons and sensor cueing
  • Full-color, dynamic conformal color symbology overlaid on the real world, clearly visible in all ambient lighting conditions
  • Rapid target acquisition and hand-off to sensors and weapons
  • Sensor video capability with full-color overlay symbol suite
  • DTED, JTIDS and tactical type data display capabilities
  • Seamless 24-hour operation / transition day-night
  • Simple/Accurate bore sight procedure
  • Rapid aircraft integration; No avionics bay LRUs
  • Backward/Forward compatibility with standard head and life support gear, including: HGU-55/P, HGU-68/P, HGU-84/P, HGU-56/P, SPH-5, MBU-20/P, MBU-23/P, MBU-12/P, AN/AVS-6/9, JSAM, LEP and protective visors.
  • Compatible with Clear/Glare/Yellow/LEP/Step-in visors, spectacles
  • Developed and manufactured by helmet/PFE OEM
  • System interchangeable between pilots, NOT one per pilot
  • Lowest procurement cost and projected life cycle cost
  • Supports full day/night transition missions
  • Full 24-hour day/night capability; totally compatible with AN/AVS-9 NVGs and Panoramic Night-Vision Goggles (PNVGs)
  • No interruption of symbology/video during NVGs attachment detachment
  • 26x20 FOV full-color, high-resolution SVGA display
  • Virtual HUD or Multi-Function Display (MFD) capability
  • On-demand sensor video (EO/IR) display
  • High-speed tracker with a full-spherical Field of Regard (FOR); choice of Hybrid Optical-based Inertial Tracker (HObIT) or Magnetic tracker
  • Lowest system latency/highest accuracy
  • No cockpit mapping required with HObIT tracker
  • Minimal head-borne weight
  • Low total system weight
  • Low power consumption
  • Programmable, compact Interface Control Unit (ICU) mounted in cockpit; no avionics bay intrusion
  • ICU provides an in-cockpit, 16 GB removable data cartridge
  • Ethernet or 1553 interface
  • ICU provides aircraft power and battery backup to NVGs for less head-borne weight
  • Military qualification 810D/461E/704A
  • Ejection system compatible/Qualified HVI Safety Disconnect System TECHNOLOGIES
  • Lightguide Optical Element (LOE) waveguide technology
  • Magnetic or Hybrid Optical-Inertial Tracker options available
  • Fully programmable symbol generator allows Aircraft Integrator flexibility to define, re-program and implement both raster and vector symbols independently
  • Full 24-bit color capability - Scorpion display can match head down display color philosophy
  • Full 24-hour day/night capability; compatible with AN/AVS-9 Night Vision Goggles and Panoramic Night-Vision Goggles (PNVGs)
  • Optional integrated, helmet mounted color camera available for post-flight mission debrief/BDA

(Color - Hypothetical Symbology Suite)